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The future of municipal sports is written in the present!

ATM MEDIA has promoted the digitalization of more than 200 sports facilities in Spain, using automated cameras with artificial intelligence systems. Not only that, but all of this content has been offered on our own streaming platform. Streamingplatform, where more than 500 matches are broadcasted every weekend.

The main objective of this innovative project is to create a synergy between technology and the development of grassroots, amateur and semi-professional sports, in order to bring all federated sports closer to the public and project it worldwide. Creating emotional ties between the families or supporters of any team in the municipality and its athletes is key for the clubs.

Currently, the regulatory bases have been published for the granting of subsidies to municipalities, with the aim of developing facilities related to sports tourism. The product is subsidized up to 100% by the Consejo Superior de Deportes (CSD).

This leaves us with a new opportunity that we cannot afford to miss. For this reason, we are at the disposal of any municipality in Spain that wants to lead the sports revolution.


Whether you are a City Hall or a club, we propose to digitize your sports facilities with our artificial intelligence cameras so you can watch all your matches, thanks to our Streaming platform, E+. Players, family members, fans and citizens of the municipality will be able to see, live and recorded, the sporting milestones that their closest friends achieve, strengthening local sports.

We believe the time has come to revolutionize the sport.



Project sustainability

Reduced carbon footprint, improved physical health and resource sustainability.

5 years duration

The financial aid will allow the City Council to finance the project for 5 YEARS.

Local impact

Fans and citizens of the municipality and its surroundings will be able to enjoy the local sport.


️Improve your club’s performance

With our sports video analysis tool, coaches will be able to analyze ALL training sessions and matches.


Broadcast all your matches on E+, the leading platform for amateur and semi-professional sports.

Generates income

Thanks to our platform, clubs in the municipality will be able to discover a new formula for generating revenue.



Record and broadcast ALL your clubs’ games, thanks to our automated cameras with Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Quality assurance

The project already has more than 500 clubs and more than 200 municipalities involved.

Newspaper library

You will be able to have the images of all the games and generate a newspaper library that lasts over time.


Are you interested in digitizing your sports facility to be able to record and broadcast ALL your games?

Whether you are a club or a municipality, join a video call with us, or leave your contact information so we can get in touch with you. 👇🏻

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